Hog Manure to Renewable Electricity Project – under design phase

Helee is currently working closely with the world largest hog grower, Murphy-Brown, to develop a centralized anaerobic digestion facility that converts manure from approximately 60,000 hogs to 1 MW electricity in North Carolina.The electricity generated from manure will be sold to Progress Energy through PPA and REC programs.

With this project, Murphy-Brown will be in compliance with NC state regulations on wastewater discharged from hog farms and obtain more recycled nutrients from manure for irrigation. This project also includes retrofit existing manure collection system from flushing to scraping using uniquely designed scraper for Murphy-Brown's hog barns. The manure collection system retrofit part is under construction while the manure-to-energy facility is at design phase. Helee is investing this project and Smithfield Foods, Inc. is involving in this project as tax equity partner.


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