DQY Phase I Poultry Waste Conversion Facility

Designed, built and operatedby Helee since 2007, the $9.23 million worth DQY biogas energy plant is the world first anaerobic digestion facility that uses solely waste streams from poultry farms as feedstock to produce renewable electricity.
Each year, the biogas plant receives 80,000 tons of manure and 100,000 tons of sewage from 3 million later chickens and produces 14 million kWh electricity, 180,000 tons liquid fertilizer and 6,600 tons soil amendment from chicken manure and wastewater from DQY’s eco-farm in Beijing, China. Starting 2010, the organic fertilizer from the plant meets ISO9001 and NY525-2002standards, and becomes the designated supplier of organic fertilizer in Beijing.
The project has received the United Nations’ certificateof “World's Largest Biogas Power Generation Technology Demonstration Project” and is well recognized by the industry as “promoting renewable energy, contributing to sustainable development”.


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