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About Helee

Helee, LLC (“Helee”) was established in 2012 to accommodate the fast increase in demands of renewable energy and alleviate the environmentalburden of disposal of organic solid wastes at landfills. Our goal is to develop sustainable and ecologically promising solutions for waste-to-resource conversion and promote low-carbon economy and cyclic economy models.

We provide safe, versatile, modularized, and fully automated bioconversionsystems to divert organic solid wastes from landfills and produce renewable energy resources, such as electricity, heat, and/or renewable natural gas (RNG), via innovative anaerobic digestion processes. Meanwhile, the systems will generate other valuable by-products including organic fertilizer, soil conditioner and amendment, etc.

Helee is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and has office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We also own a Research and Development (R&D) facility in Beijing, China and a $6 million production facility near the Great Wall for manufacturing, fabricating, assembling, and testing our uniquely designed and customized systems to meet our customers' needs. All products sold by Helee must undergo a thorough, sophisticated, and rigorous QA/QC processes to ensure the top rated quality.

About Us

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